Testimonials for Lyme Disease

Anna’s Lyme Story

My daughter was first diagnosed with Lyme when she was nine years old. She exhibited all the classic symptoms with low-grade fever, bulls eye, low energy. She was treated with Doxycycline for three weeks by her pediatrician. Even though throughout her life, she didn’t have clear signs of Lyme, she occasionally would complain of headaches, pain in her joints.

When she was seventeen and getting ready to go away to college, we started to notice that her knee would swell up whenever she played tennis. After a year of being unable to diagnose the problem, she, all of a sudden started to have major health issues like; thyroiditis, stomach issues, migraines, loss of equilibrium, severe swelling of the tonsils.

After visits to a dozen specialists, we finally found an LLD. He tested my daughter with IGENIX and she was positive for chronic Lyme disease.

Antibiotic treatment was making my daughter very sick and her life at collage challenging, to say the least.

I new I had to find another way.

When I found Dr. Shikhman and started my daughter on the herbal protocol with deep tissue medical massage, her symptoms vanished within a few months.

My daughter was able to study, participate in all activities, including tennis, travel abroad and love life once again. I couldn’t possibly recommend this treatment highly enough. If you or your loved one is suffering from chronic Lyme, give this treatment a chance, you may very well never be in need of another.

Jennifer’s Lyme Story

My name is Jennifer. I was diagnosed with several tick borne infections including Lyme disease, and had undergone years of long term treatment which included regiments of multiple oral and IV antibiotics, as well as homeopathic remedies. My physical symptoms were many; extreme weakness and pain in my wrists and ankles, stiffness in my neck with crackling noise that accompanied any movement of my head, and painful and swollen elbows and knee joints, with loss of mobility, persistent deep nerve pain in the palms of my hands, and the soles of my feet which felt like electrical shocks, and affected my balance. Perhaps the scariest symptom was heart palpitations that would leave me feeling weak afterwards.

I did have significant relief, however brief, after each extended round of antibiotics, but I experienced a range of gastro-intestinal problems during treatment. Unfortunately, the full slate of symptoms would always return within three to six months after completing the prescribed course.

This magic Lyme treatment was highly recommended to me by a friend who was aware of my health issues. Within three months of starting this herbal/ massage treatment of Lyme and other tick borne disease, my various symptoms had all but disappeared. Currently, I have no symptoms whatsoever, and feel better than I have in many, many years. My cognitive function has also improved dramatically with no more “brain fog”, which is a common complaint of Lyme sufferers.

I continue to see Doctor Shikhman, less frequently than before, for maintenance of my chronic condition, and I have also been bitten by ticks and reinfected several times, but I no longer panic because I know this treatment protocol works.

19 Year Old Lyme and Bartonella Story

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and bartonella at the age of 19 years old. I had serous physical and cognitive symptoms. I spent 4 years on IV antibiotics that were simply masking my symptoms. Due to insurance coverage and out of pocket costs I was forced to stop treatment. Almost immediately my symptoms began to show again and they were stronger than ever. I could not feel from my waist down had trouble walking. My skin tone was gray and I slept most of the day. My short term memory was non-existent and I was having trouble with my school work. Through a friend I found White Oak Center. I began to see Doctor Shihkman and take the herbal protocol.

Almost immediately I started feeling better. After a few short weeks my symptoms started clearing up. My legs were back and I had enough energy to put in a full days work. These protocol saved my life. I wish that I would have found this center sooner.

James’ Lyme and Co-Infections Story

My name is James and I have been sick with Lyme disease and most of the co-infections, including: Rock Mountain spotted fever and encephalitis.

I had done 4 plus years of IV Rocephin (3gm daily), Mepron (7 years), 10 plus years of Doxycycline, Flagyl, Bicillin and many other anti-parasitic medications.

I had both mental and physical problems and was getting atrophy in my right foot and hand. I had balance issues and was falling down constantly.

My family and I had heavy metal poisoning and numerous other complications from prolonged antibiotic use. My wife had Lyme and co-infections and had done years of IV and oral antibiotics. Our daughter was born with Lyme and co-infections and did over ten years of antibiotics. Please understand, we were extreme cases. We have been on this herbal/Lyme massage protocol for more then five years and because of this treatment my family has a new lease on life. My daughter is able to attend a private school on an academic scholarship. Before, she was unable to attend school due to severe cognitive problems. Both my wife and I are doing remarkably better, We are finally able to have a quality life. Our daughter is looking at colleges and I am no longer looking for a nursing home. We have been an extreme challenge to Dr. Shikhman, one she has been up for.

Yanna’s Lyme Story

I live in California, so when I got very ill in 2013 nobody suspected Lyme.  I also didn’t know anything about this terrible disease.

I went from a doctor to doctor, many visits to the ER, expensive tests and a bunch of prescription drugs that only made matters worse.

After at least 20 different doctor visits that included orthopedists, internists, infectious disease, neurologists, ENT specialists, etc., numerous x-Rays, MRI and CT scans, I had no diagnosis and I was financially and emotionally devastated.  I could barely walk, was in constant pain, I was so weak that I could not work, drive, or even take care of my children.  My heart was racing, I couldn’t sleep or digest food properly.  I really didn’t know how to go on – I couldn’t get disability without diagnosis, and medical professionals and even my family treated me like I was imagining things.  To make matters worse some doctors said that it was “all in my head” and even prescribed me anti-schizophrenia drugs.  In a matter of 6 months I went from being an active working professional and a devoted parent to an invalid with suspected mental status.

At that point somebody suggested to get tested for Lyme and the tests came back positive.  This made matters worse – apparently, I had to get treated with lifetime antibiotics and visit expensive doctors, that were not covered by insurance.  I was ready to give up, when a friend suggested I explore a herbal protocol designed by an herbalist in Connecticut.  I had nothing to lose at that point, so I flew across the country and started the treatment with a help of an amazing family, whose daughter was treated by the same protocol previously.  Within two or three weeks I felt a significant improvement.  I could eat, walk, read and my pain level was going down every day.  I stayed with them for over a month and then returned to California.  I continued with the treatment and was able to start driving, take yoga classes, do simple things like cooking.  I have never experienced any side effects.  Within a year virtually all of my symptoms were gone.  I am now off the protocol for several months, and able to work full time, serve on several non-profit boards, travel and enjoy spending time with my children.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Shikhman and others  who helped to save my life.  Don’t ever lose hope!