Testimonials for Naturopathic Medicine

Joan Kovats in Stamford, CT

I have been going to Dr. Shikhman for maybe 1o years or more for both urgent and preventive care. Always there for me whenever I have questions, or need practical and medicinal advice, and care. When she does a careful evaluation of one’s needs, she looks at the spiritual, emotional, and physical components of the patient, encompassing the needs of the patient in all ways. I truly do not know what I would do without her. She is an extraordinary doctor; a true healer in every sense of the word.


JAH in Greenwich, CT

Dr. Shikhman is reliable and knows her craft very well. She has been my doctor for many years and I would recommend her highly to all my family and friends.


Suzanne S. in Greenwich, CT

I have visited Dr. Shikhman numerous times over the past three years to treat my sprained ankles and other issues. She is professional and has provided great relief. I have also had her facial services and find her natural products and methods outstanding. I would highly recommend her practice.


Elmont, NY

Dr. Shikhman has been my Naturopath Doctor for the past 5 years. I call her my savior! She tends to all my health issues and is the most caring physician I have ever known. My husband and I recommend her very highly to all ur family and friends.


PK in Elmont, NY

The most honest and helpful doctor I have ever encountered. She is excellent. Highly recommended. Very knowledgeable and a great experience every time.


Stamford, CT

Great experience with Dr. Shikhman! She spent a lot of time with me getting to the bottom of why I was ill and gave me great advice on what to do to heal the underlying cause. I am now completely well and feeling great after years of going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I couldn’t say thank you enough!


Pari H.

Dr. Shikhman is one of the most caring health care professionals I have known. She is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of human health and well being and cares for her patients with much diligence. Having had many injuries in the past and as an active person, she has nursed me to health with acupuncture and cupping and suggested appropriate supplements that insure my optimum health. I have found a home at the White Oaks Medical Center and trust Dr. Shikhman with my health issues as well as that of my family and friends.

I am also using her skincare products and facials and have found the fountain of youth!


Deborah B.

I have been a patient with Dr. Shikhman for 9 years and its been a healing journey, which has changed my health and understanding of functional medicine. Being a Certified Holistic Health Coach now for 4 years, I have a better understanding of how important Naturopathic Medicine is to heal your body.  Alternative medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease.

Dr. Shikhman spends quality time with her patients, unlike conventional Doctors do. Her passion is obvious, treating everyone with care and understanding.

She is awesome! I did not write very much and I could write so much more to let people know how much I appreciate and trust in her.

I highly recommend you make an appointment with her, as I tell everyone I know who are looking for a Naturopathic Doctor to get results.


Joan K.

I have been a patient of Dr. Shikhman for a number of years. When I first arrived here from Los Angeles, I was concerned that I would have difficulty finding a doctor as good as the one I had in Beverly Hills, and I did, until I found her. She has helped me through many a challenging health condition with her healing abilities, kindness, care, and concern. I know she has many patients, but she has a way about her of making you feel like you are her only patient.

She is a true healer, with God given gifts. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life for I know no matter what health problems may come to me; she will assist me to restore my optimal health.


Susan S.

I’ve been a patient of Dr Shikhman’s for about 2 years.  At the first meeting, I was impressed by the time she took to understand all of my concerns and the careful thought she put into recommending next steps.  I find her caring and compassionate but also science-based.  The results I’ve gotten working with her are as good, and, in some cases, much better than the results, I achieved working with other naturopaths in the past.


Kathy N.

The acupuncture and cupping have been very helpful with my back pain. I will continue to seek their services. Highly recommended.

Kathleen P.

Very professional and she gave me more than I had hoped for.